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There are quite a few things which will irk me in a story. Three which come to mind are-
-a main character so supported by their team that they never do anything themselves. I tend the cheer on the scheming villain on such cases.
-Time travel using causality breaking just to get around a plot point. I'm not very fond of causality violation as a story device at the best of times.
-After a long build up, an abrupt conclusion - "and then she waved her arms and the bad guys went away".

Why these three came to mind is because they are all present in Banner of Souls by Liz Williams. Yet despite that I think it is a pretty good book. I can only ascribe that to Williams' ability to string words together. Apart from the ending it is well paced, with interesting enough if not sympathetic characters, a nicely drawn far future weirdness of setting and a nice uncluttered writing style.

It isn't as good as the excellent Empire of Bones but a big step up on The Poison Master which didn't seem to get its various components all targeted at the same audience. Overall though, I keep coming back to the notion that Williams comes in as a kind of China Mieville Lite. To those who don't like name dropping in reviews, tough - it is what keeps surfacing in my brain.


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