Jun. 15th, 2015

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The hot water pressure at my place has always been pretty poor. From time to time it would drop from poor down to pathetic or non-existent. At those times I'd call a plumber, they would expensively fiddle with (replace) valves and the pressure would return to its previous poor level.

This time when it dropped down to a pathetic dribble, I bit the bullet and arranged for the whole system to be replaced by a new mains pressure hot water system. Oh joy - what a difference that makes. For the first time in this place I can take a shower that delivers a proper blast. I'm sure that the main reason I like staying at hotels when I travel is that they usually have really good pressure in their showers. Finally I can enjoy that every day.

Also generating pleasure was seeing the plumbers in action. They worked hard and more importantly showed a real commitment to doing a really good quality job. This was most obvious when they uncovered yet another bit of shoddy DIY in my house. See, the house was really well built originally, but the previous owners did quite a few renovations, and over the years as I have had cause to look at their changes, they have all turned out to be rubbish. This latest example was hidden from view until the new cylinder went in. The plumbers could have just left the rubbish installation in place and headed off home (it was getting late), but they showed me the issue and explained the options. Then they quickly and efficiently fixed the issue.

A good days work I'd say. Time for a shower.


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