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Feb. 10th, 2015 10:35 pm
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There was a house fire just across the valley from my place today - there is a report here.

I could see the smoke but not the fire itself so I didn't know at the time whether it was a house or a bonfire/rubbish fire. There is farmland over there and they do sometimes burn off rubbish.

What I did find interesting was this bit of the report "It's one of the most difficult these guys have had to deal with. Narrow, winding Normandale Rd make access difficult for fire engines."

As a local, I know that there are three realistic routes you could take to get to the area where the fire is. Two of them (one being the road I live on) are narrow and twisty. The third is wider, has better visibility on the corners and can be driven at greater speed with much greater safety. The third route is a little longer however, but would be the best for large fire appliances.

Yet the report implies that they took the other narrow route - which I can confirm or else I would have heard them on my road or the wider route.

Obviously I don't know what decisions were made or why. But I would be very interested to find out if satnav was used. Any time somebody has used satnav to get to my place it has brought them by one of the sub-optimal narrow twisty routes.
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