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I read the book and started musing on the whole art verses craft discussion. The more I thought, the muddier the subject became. It really is a minefield. In lieu of that whole discussion, instead for Sabriel by Garth Nix I asked the following two questions:
Does this book advance the realms of understanding or illuminate the human condition or do something unique? No.
Does this book engage the reader, tell a story in an entertaining manner and create interesting characters? Yes.

Make of that what you will. Sabriel is another of the YA fantasy titles I have been reading with a view to seeing how well they work for the target age group as well as an adult audience. Of course, to be entertained too. The book does work across the age ranges and I think it is for the same reason as the De Lint book I read last week. In both cases the author knows the difference between simplifying and dumbing down. The plots have been made more linear and direct and the characters avoid some themes but otherwise the reader is treated as intelligent and able to engage fully in the book. Is it really just as simple as respecting your audience and treating them like thinking people? Even if it isn't, shouldn't that be happening anyway?


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