May. 25th, 2006 04:28 pm
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As part of my try to think positive strategy*, I should record that I have a very successful trip into the city today. I got all my errands completed with minimum fuss, I saw all the people I intended to see and bumped into a couple of others on the street who I wanted to see as well. Then I went to see a movie. When I started this break from work, one thought was that I could get back into the habit of going to the cinema. Up until today, the count was zero. So I went to see the third X-Men picture at a time of day which meant that the cinema patrons were more civilised than usual (no noisy snack munching, no talking, no text kiddies etc).

I liked X3. You don't expect great depth or anything like that in one of these comic adaptations - the effects and the big fights are where the focus is at. This film has plenty those but it also has a satisfactory story. It is not without holes but I suspect that it is doing a fair job of tracking to the comics without actually following them. There is also a fair amount of intense character interaction - more than the normal amounts for a film of this type. It is a bit over the top but that is consistent with the superhero genre. Some of it is pretty dark and that is no bad thing IMO. Some people complained about the amount of dark emotion in the Spiderman movies but I think it added texture and it does so here too. For reasons that I wont go into for spoiler reasons, you may not leave this movie happy, but assuming you liked the previous two I think you will leave satisfied.

*trying to be positive and actually achieving it are two very different things. Especially if one leaves ones analytical capabilities turned on.


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