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Since this is the time of year when family congregate in the same area, I went down to Timaru for a few days. The family stuff was cool, but a few other notes on the experience...

My luggage didn't arrive on my flight down. There were only eight passengers on the flight to Timaru, yet the bags belonging to two of us didn't turn up. The folks at Timaru airport were helpful, took our details and arranged to deliver the bags to where I was staying when they turned up (on the next flight). So no big deal, my bag turned up a few hours late.

To be clear, this was a problem caused by Wellington Airport - it was their job to load the bags - I don't blame the airline nor Timaru airport. So, these things happen right? With so many flights, there must be the occasional problem. However a few days later when I was leaving, I was approaching the (only) checkin counter at Timaru airport and there were a number of people there from the flight that had just come in - their luggage had gone astray as well. Now I know it is only two data points but you do have to wonder what is happening at Wellington airport.

You may have gathered that Timaru airport is not a large place. However, until you go there you cannot grasp just how tiny it is. It serves local small planes etc, but for national scheduled services it only has 2 or 3 flights a day and they only go to Wellington. The planes are 20 seat Beach 1900s. That is a maximum of 60 people flying in and out every day. This serves a population of close to 50K people in the region.

To really get a sense of Timaru though, the local newspaper for today is a good illustration. All of the above the fold section of the front page was taken up with an article and picture about nine cats escaping from a cattery.

I recommend it as a place to visit if you have serious need of sensory deprivation (the area inland of Timaru actually has spectacular scenery - you should see it).
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