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OK, the choice is

a) Go to Phoenix and interact with people and discuss music in SF
b) Watch my shiny new Serenity DVD and indulge in the joy that is a Joss commentary

Not contest really. The whedonverse just sucked me in. The thing is, this choice isn't all that unusual and more and more I have been taking the electronic option. I really shouldn't turn into a complete hermit.

But the best Serenity moment of the day wasn't images and sounds on the DVD. It was the moment that I realised that the whole team at work was discussing that it was launched today and that several people went out to buy it and others were lining up their borrowing of it from them. It was the moment when I realised that this was all my doing. I have infected my whole office with the firefly bug (so to speak). That is a very good thing (tm).
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Rain, Hail, storm force winds, a blocked road, a head cold and a lack of sleep. Nothing was going to stop me watching that movie.

And the result. Lets just say that I don't think a film should be allowed to affect me that strongly in so many ways. I didn't want to stay around and talk afterwards, such was the strength of impact that I didn't want others to dilute it by discussion or comments. Others may have different ideas but then I have been worshipping at the alter of Joss for quite a while now.


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