Aug. 18th, 2009 06:05 pm
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So, lets try the old method of doing a trip/con report by just throwing a bunch of thoughts out there and see what sticks to the wall...

Thursday, got up at stupid o'clock to catch plane. Flew Air NZ for the first time in a while - they have changed their seats to considerable advantage. The old ones were torture. The new ones are, well to be honest also torture, but they won't break you so quickly.

Went to comics exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Australia. Excellent - highly recommended. First hint as to how good the hotel location was - the tram stop I needed to catch was right beside the hotel. Did I mention that trams intimidate me - not the catching or riding them - its the getting completely lost in a strange town. Not that this has ever happened.

Got back to hotel to find that my dinner plans have been canceled because my cousin is not well. So grabbed quick meal and crashed early due to significant fatigue.

Friday, walked down to the new Melbourne convention centre where the worldcon will be. Very impressive building. I walked back too via a bunch of book and electronics shops. I was going to catch a tram but every time I got to a stop I spied something just up ahead to walk to. Got back exhausted.

Con started really well - a Richard Harland book launch means a Richard Harland reading. Not to be missed. Good thing it was early because I crashed pretty much straight afterward.

Saturday - had lunch with cousin who was feeling better and keen to learn some family history. Ordering "large beef special" at Vietnamese place put me in mind of the Kliban book "Never eat anything larger than your head".

Rest of saturday seemed a bit flat. There was some stuff on at the con of interest, but there seemed to be a lack of a focal point for just kicking back and chatting to folk. Its an important point for a con because no matter how well organised a con is (and this one was very well organised) for me this is the most important part of the con. I suspect it was why Conscription worked so well this year despite being chaotic.

Bought books. Got really worried about luggage weight. Bought more books. Looked at people parading in costumes. Went to bed early.

Sunday had more interesting stuff on at the con and worked better from a chatting to people point of view probably enhanced by going out for lunch with interesting people. Demanded vendors sell me more books. Failed to find dead dog party - had another convivial meal with the same interesting people I had lunch with. Packed my stuff - wondered just how much weight I could put in my carry-on bag. Went to bed early.

Monday, got up at stupid o'clock to get to airport. Annoyed because I found out I could have actually bought another couple of books. Got home without fuss. Slept.


Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:38 am
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The Good:
There was a really excellent convivial buzz around this con. As good as any I have been to. Plenty of interesting folk to talk to (including the guests) and plenty of suitable places to do so. Since the personal contact aspects are the most important to me, this alone makes the con worth attending.

The book launch for Russell's Beyond the Wall of Time.

The spillover from the writers workshops into the con worked well for the feeling of the con. It was good to have so many local writers attending.

The SJVs. People I nominated won stuff. Congratulations to everybody.

The Au Contraire team did some great promotional work. I am looking forward to what they have to offer next year.

I did a bit of worldcon sales work and got a lot of good response. It helped a lot that Donna provided some cool giveaways.

The Bad:
Ill. That cold didn't go away and while I was able to suppress it somewhat, it did affect my enjoyment. Early nights shouldn't really be a necessity but that was what I was forced to do.

Y'know there is a tradition of organisational chaos at cons, but there wasn't really a need to embrace it quite so completely this time. That extended to the programming - some good items but it was pretty thin overall.

No con bids for 2011. Do you want to run the NZ Natcon in 2011 (please)? Bids close on Nov 30 so you have plenty of time to get organised.

The Strange:
The SFFANZ AGM - but that probably goes without saying.

My travel arrangements back all worked perfectly. You may think I should include that on the "good" but experience suggests otherwise. Even QANTAS managed to get the flight to run on time and that is really strange.

I only bought 3 books. Whats up with that.
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I sometimes wonder why I own a camera because I regularly forget to use it. Somehow I did manage to take photos of the daleks - funny that. People have asked, so here is the best one (which may tell you how badly the others came out).
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During Conclave I committed to doing something I wanted to do anyway. The advantage of this is that now I have additional incentive to get the job done.

What I want to do is update and extend the SFFANZ convention running guide. There is a draft version online, to which I have received some feedback. If anybody else has anything they want to contribute, then drop me a line. The plan is to make this document as inclusive of opinion as possible. There are some aspects of running a con which are disputed - I have no problem in presenting all points of view in this document and letting individual concoms decide which one will work best for them. The guide is targeted specifically at the New Zealand natcon by SFFANZ but it is being presented to the world if use can be made of it, but be aware that things like tax law and liability insurance requirements will be different in other places.
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This stuff gets old fast so I suspect it stops here but there are a bunch of other random thoughts to record from Conclave & Conflux.

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I have managed to survive attending Conclave and Conflux in successive weekends although I'm pretty weary. I am not at all sure that doing the back to back con thing is a good idea but then again I will probably do it again next year. I will have to get fitter though - it is something that you need stamina for.

Anyway I am not going to do a proper report on the cons. I am just going to fling random thoughts down as they occur. Any coherent patterns you may see are therefore a reflection of the internal organisation of my subconscious. The plan is that there will be more than one of these brain dump posts - hence the optimistic "1" in the heading.

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