Dec. 9th, 2006 06:33 pm
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My TV has been repaired so I am doing more reading. It is quite straightforward. While I didn't have a TV, if I wanted to, say, follow the cricket I had to sit at the computer. I could do a bit of web surfing or play games while doing that but not read. But with the TV on, I can kick back and read. The TV can provide audio visual wallpaper while I read and if something interesting comes on I can shift attention for a minute.

I read Priestess of the White by Trudi Canavan. It is a very polished piece of writing. The story is coherent. The world building is consistent, fairly detailed and works well according to its own internal logic. The many characters all have distinct identities and plenty of emotional complexity. The multiple POV style is executed well - each character building the overall story. The writing is in an easy to read manner that allows the reader to just keep turning the pages. There really isn't anything bad I can say about this book.

Well maybe one thing. You see, I have no desire to read another one in the series. It was nice, but I had no real engagement with it. There isn't really anything obvious reason that I can see. Sometime it just happens that way I guess.


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