May. 15th, 2006 09:42 pm
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Tim Minear and the rest of the artistic creators of The Inside are stupid. Either that or they have an artistic death wish. I guess the latter opinion carries quite a bit of weight simply by producing another show for Fox. However, not all Fox shows get cancelled after 13 episodes. Which is where "stupid" comes in.

The thing is, The Inside is not immediately accessible. It is a slow burn with the characters and the situation taking some time to get into. Once you do get into it, it becomes something pretty good. Not Wonderfalls great but certainly superior to most of the shows around. Certainly more intense and genre bending that any crime show I have seen since the debut of CSI if not before.

Surely by now these guys and Minear in particular should know that you have to have an instant audience grab in order to stop Fox pulling the plug. There has to be people making the circuits of their Neilson boxes spark on the first screening. Anything else has your show joining the impressive company of all those other cancelled by Fox shows. The Inside does not have that instant factor. The character chemistry takes too long to establish and there is no immediate wow factor in the visuals. It takes too long to sink in.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the Fox schedulers had it in for the show from the start and all those other shows too. You can make a good case for that with Wonderfalls, so perhaps it is the case with this one too. But then there is that old saying - "never ascribe anything to malice which can be attributed to stupidity".

It is worth getting hold of the 13 episodes of The Inside. Even if you don't get into the whole profiling thing, you can still have fun trashing it for criminally underutilising Katie Finneran and Adam Baldwin. Even more fun is playing at spotting all the other Buffy/Angel/Firefly alumni. If you thought Amber Benson had the saddest eyes you ever saw on Buffy, wait until you see her on episode 11 of this show.


Apr. 11th, 2006 09:36 pm
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I finally managed to get hold of a copy of the first episode of The Inside. I really need to get more download volume to get the rest of this series*. It will be interested in seeing how it developed before it joined the pantheon of "cancelled by Fox".

To be honest, it didn't grab me the way the other shows in the Whedon/Greenwalt/Minear/Fuller chain that I have been following. But it does have character development potential. Katie Finneran and Adam Baldwin are there as sidekicks and that just has to be a good thing. Although they both look so different, so ordinary, in The Inside.The story side looks like it could be solid in a generic profile the serial killer kind of way. You need to have the story side done properly as the counter example of Bones illustrates - great character chemistry but hopeless stories does not make for "must watch" TV. And for me if it isn't "must watch" then it is "no watch".

* I tried to upgrade my account but my ISP made that too hard with a stupidly complicated and ambiguous process. So I sent a "suggestion" to them instead. Really - why make it hard for me to spend more money with them.


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