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I have just read the latest Jeremy Clarkson book Born to be Riled. It is a collection of magazine articles. Clearly with Clarkson that means that they are mostly about cars. Now here is the thing about cars - they get outdated pretty quickly. So therefore does the writing about them. But a book published in 2006 should be fairly up to date and relevant. Except that most of the articles were written in the late '90s. It can be a little difficult working out exactly when each one was written because they are not in chronological order or any other order that I can see apart from "throw them in the air and see how they land". Clarkson doesn't let stuff go either. The articles repeat themselves a lot, particularly when it comes to cars that he either loves or loathes. That isn't when they are contradictory that is. Then there is the non-car stuff. I just never ever agree with his position on anything. Really, nothing at all. Heck I don't agree with a lot of the car stuff either. Which makes the fact that this book is compelling and hilarious reading all the more strange. I couldn't put it down. Jezza really is an astonishingly entertaining bloke. I think I need to go wash my eyes. Either that or go for a really fast drive.


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