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So why do you choose a book? Is it the pretty coloured cover or is it because you have done some research - checked the back cover, reviews etc for signs that you may enjoy it. A lot of the time you probably look at the author. If it is somebody you know and like then you buy the book. In the case of movies it would seem to be more complex. Apart from* glitz, research and writer methods there are folk who will choose on director, producer or the actors. The actor reason being, I suspect, one of the most common reasons and just a little depressing. Except, perhaps books have some of that going on too. I'm thinking of series books where people follow the character - there are people who will buy any Conan book regardless of whether it is Howard's genius or some other hack's rubbish. Even for a series by a single author there is an effect. How many people buy George R R Martin books other than from the big series - only a minority.

The above poorly thought-out ramble triggered because I have just read Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich. It is a nice light read on a cold wet day but the significant thing is that it is not a Stephanie Plum book. Rather, it is the second of the Alexandra Barnaby books. As I commented for the first one, Metro girl, it is probably a little better than a Stephanie Plum book - similar in tone but with a better story. Yet I'm willing to bet it does not sell anywhere near as well. Certainly the speed with which it hits the remainder piles locally suggests sluggish sales. Presumably people have engaged with Ms Plum's character. In other words, the readers are Stephanie Plum fans first and Janet Evanovich fans second. Is that a problem? Probably not but it makes you think.

*I'm obviously leaving some other things out here - like being available in a suitable time slot, peer pressure or being ridiculously susceptible to advertising.


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