Aug. 14th, 2014

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I'm all in favour of warning messages or alerts. You know, those little pop up messages that tell you when a task is due or that there may be a problem with whatever system you are running.

But there is a key caveat to that. Those warnings must be able to be dismissed once read. It is very irritating to continue to receive alerts over and over again. That is something Microsoft failed to do properly when they implemented Vista and boy did they receive flak for it. By contrast, the calendar software I use does it perfectly - I can set whether reminders are to come up and at what time before an event. After the box pops up I can click on "Dismiss" and the message goes away forever.

So what about servicing my car. The next expected service date is written on a sticker on the windscreen and I get an email and a postcard from the garage. But the car also has a built in reminder system - it is just a timer, not something which reports a detected issue or anything serious. And remember that it is just a recommended service - there is plenty of flexibility around when you do it.

So the car's reminder puts a message in the middle of the speedo dial every time I start the car. I have to press the "Read" button to make it go away. It also puts it there every time I turn the car off as well. Every single time.

So, I have got the message and I want to dismiss the message for good, I tried obvious things like holding the "Read" button down but that just makes the message come back up again. I even resorted to reading the manual, but that told me nothing, nor did the manufacturers web site. Eventually I resorted to youTube. I thought I'd share the procedure with you which is as follows:

With the ignition on, turn the trip computer to T2. Turn off the ignition and remove key.

Put the key back in and hold down the trip computer stalk for a few seconds and then turn the ignition to position 1 (which means pressing the start button with your foot off the brake pedal).

While still holding down the trip computer stalk, also hold down the start button for a few seconds (with foot still off the brake).

When the car starts to beep and flash a warning light, release the trip computer and then the start button. Make sure you do this before the car stops beeping - you have about 3 seconds.

Remove the key.

That appears to do the trick. Obvious eh?


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